DVBBS feat. Belly - You Found Me

DVBBS feat. Belly - You Found Me

The newest single by DVBBS together with Belly.

First solo single by Harry Styles

Harry Styles - Sign of the Times

Harry Styles, known from the boys-band One Direction released his first solo-single 'Sign of the Times'.

Deliverance EP by Prince released

Prince - Deliverance EP

A new song called 'Deliverance' is just released, exact one day before he past away one year ago. A full EP with 5 more new numbers will be released...

2 Fabiola - Evolution

2 Fabiola - Evolution

New album by 2 Fabiola.

Serious Beats 86

Serious Beats 86

The new Serious Beats 86 is out now, with all the new electronic club tracks of the moment. Enjoy and party!...

New video-clip for Run Up by Major Lazer

Major Lazer fear. Partynextdoor & Nicki Minaj - Run Up

The new clip for 'Run Up' is made by big artists like Nicki Minaj...

Drake - More Life

Drake - More Life

The new album by Drake has 22 new tracks and is released while he's bussy with touring. The album includes the top-songs Wanna Know and Fake Love...

City Lights by Blanche

Blanche from the Eurovision song City Lights in 2017

City Lights, the Belgian songs by Blanche that ended in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Oekraine.

Rihanna's newest song Love on the Brain has similarities with a Dutch song from Drukwerk

Rihanna - Love on the Brain

The newest song 'Love on the brain' has much similarities with the song 'Je loog tegen mij' by Drukwerk...

New Swoop songs added

Songs from the Dutch band Swoop are added to the database.

Ed Sheeran - Divide

Ed Sheeran - Divide

This is the latest new album by Ed Sheeran.


Ariana Grande Suspends Tour After Manchester Attack

Salvador Sobral

Ariana Grande has suspended her 'Dangerous Woman' tour after the bloody attack after her concert in Manchester...

Salvador Sobral winner of the Eurovision song contest 2017

Salvador Sobral

This Portugees singer writes history by winning the Eurovision song contest...

DJ Robert Miles dead at 47

DJ Robert Miles

The famous Italian-Swedish DJ and producer Robert Miles passed away...

Britney Spears on Broadway

Britney Spears

Fans of Britney Spears, you hear this wright, Our favorite pop singer is likely to come to Broadway

Laundry Day 2017: 20 years birthday celebration with 2000 tickets for 20 euro

Laundry Day

In 2017 Laundry Day exist for 20 years now. The organization celebrates their 20th birthday with a big party...

13 AMPS, the youngest female DJ in the world


13 AMPS is a Belgian DJ and upcoming talent in the music industry. At the age of 14 she made here first debut with the single 'Living on the Right Side'...

Electroland Festival in Disneyland Paris

Electroland Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris celebrates their 25 years of existence with an Electro Festival called Electroland. This summer lot's of Disney-fans will be spoiled...

Snoop Dogg wants to make a series about his own life

Snoop Dogg

Together with rapper Daz Dillinger, Snoop Dogg wants to make a drama series...

Allan Holdsworth dead

Allan Holdsworth playing guitar

The British guitar-player Allan Holdsworth died at the age of 70. The musician was active in more than one genre...

Ed Sheeran arranges plagiarism case for the song Photograph with a prosecution

Ed Sheeran

The composers who accuse Ed Sheeran of plagiarism...

Partycruise The Ark, Tomorrowland on the sea

The Ark, the cruise ship event of Tomorrowland on the The Freedom of The Seas.

The Ark is a big dance-festival on a gigantic cruise-ship named The Freedom of The Seas. The cruising dance-festival on the sea does stop in the city's Barcelona, Marseille and...

Beyoncé as main female rol in the Disney's remake of The Lion King


Beyoncé is on the wish-list of director Favreau for the remake of The Lion King...

#Stepschallenge the newest on-line trend by the British 90's dance band Steps

Steps - Steptacular

A number of people on Facebook started a challenge, the #Stepschallenge. Who's nominated, has 24 hours to show the world that he or she has mastered the famous '5, 6, 7,8'-dance moves...

Sensation's last dance festival in the Amsterdam Arena

Sensation the final logo

The Dutch dance festival Sensation organized by ID&T stops with the Dutch edition of the Sensations party's after 18 years...

The Chainsmokers Memories Tour

The Chainsmokers

In 2017 The Chainsmokers are doing their first American Tour called Memories Tour...

Music made by Prince can now be streamed

Photo of Prince

Hits like Purple Rain and Little Red Corvette could only be streamed on Tidal. But this has been changed...

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