Serious Beats

Country: Belgium
Genre: Electronic
Style: House, Trance, Techno, Dance, Club, Jumpstyle
Format: Compilation
Medium: Audio CD's / Digital
Official Website:
Info: The Serious Beats compilations are one of the longest known club compilations trough Belgium's history. The first compilations dates from January 1991. And it still exists today. In the begin years there where even Serious Beats party's and Serious Beats mega-mixes. The 25th and 50th compilations were special editions with house classics from the years before those releases. The 25th edition was also accompanied with the Serious Beats 25 Vinyl Samplers full of house classics that still rocks today.

As time evolved the compilations has evolved to. In the begin days the compilations came in a double CD case and Audio Cassette. From the 55th Serious Beats, the compilations consists now of 3 Audio CD's. Also hip and new electronic styles where included from time to time. In the begin years it's style was House, Techno and even a Hardcore edition. From 2001 many jumpstyle song where included. The Serious Beats compilations are always on top of the Electronic trends of today.

Because we are fans of these compilations we hope that the Serious Beats compilations will continuously been released with the best Electronic music of the moment.