Depeche Mode

Genre: Electronic, Rock

Style: Synthpop, Pop, Alternative Dance, Alternative Rock, New Wave

Member(s): Martin Gore (keyboard, guitar, back-vocals, texts), David Gahan (vocals, texts), Adrew Fletcher (keyboard, bass, management), Alan Wilder (keyboard, drums, texts, production, arrangement), Vince Clarke (keyboard, text)

Label(s): Mute Records

Country: UK

Depeche Mode is a British band that makes electronic music. The key ingredient of their pop music is the synthesizer. Their biggest hits are 'People are People', 'Just Can't Get Enough' and 'Enjoy the Silence'. The name of the group is inspired by the French fashion magazine 'Dépèche mode'.
The history of the band begon in 1976, when Clarke en Fletcher formed a band called 'No Romance in China'. Gore was at that time in a band called 'Norman & The Worms'. In 1979, Clarke founded a new band called 'French Look'. When Fletcher was added the name of the group changed to 'Composition of Sound'. When David Gahan connected to that band in 1980, the name changed to it's current name 'Depeche Mode'.
Enjoy the Silence
Samples of their biggest hit 'Enjoy the Silece' from 1990, has been used to make new electronic music. In 2004, remixes of this song has been released on Vinyl and CD-Maxi, including remixes of 'Timo Maas' and 'Golfrapp'.


101 - Live


A Broken Frame (2006 Remastered Edition)

A Broken Frame (Remastered)

A Broken Frame

Black Celebration (Deluxe)

Black Celebration

Catching Up With Depeche Mode

Construction Time Again (2007 Remastered Edition)

Construction Time Again (Remastered)

Construction Time Again

Cover Me (Remixes)

Delta Machine

Depeche Mode - Singles Box 5

Depeche Mode - Singles Box 1

Depeche Mode - Singles Box 3

Depeche Mode - Singles Box 4







Exciter (Remastered)

Exciter [2007 Remastered Edition]


Fragile Tension / Hole To Feed

Going Backwards (Remixes)

Live in Berlin Soundtrack


Music For The Masses (2006 Remastered Edition)

Music for the Masses (Remastered)

Music For The Masses | The 12" Singles

Music for the Masses

Playing the Angel (Deluxe Version)

Playing The Angel (U.S. Release)

Playing The Angel

Remixes 2: 81-11

Remixes 2: 81-11 (Deluxe)

Remixes 2: 81-11

Remixes 81>04

Some Great Reward (2006 Remastered Edition)

Some Great Reward (Remastered)

Songs Of Faith And Devotion (2006 Remastered Edition)

Songs of Faith and Devotion (Remastered)

Songs Of Faith And Devotion Live

Songs Of Faith and Devotion: Live

Soothe My Soul

Sounds of the Universe (Deluxe Version)

Sounds Of The Universe

Speak & Spell (2006 Remastered Edition)

Speak & Spell

Speak And Spell (Remastered)

Spirit (Deluxe)


The Best of (Volume 1)

The Best Of Depeche Mode Volume 1

The Best Of Depeche Mode: Volume 1

The Best Of Depeche Mode, Vol. 1 (Remastered)

The Singles 81-85

The Singles 86-98

Tour Of The Universe: Barcelona 20/21:11:09

Touring The Angel (U.S. Version)

Touring The Angel: Live In Milan

Ultra (Remastered)


Violator (2006 Remastered Edition)

Violator (Remastered)


Where's the Revolution (Remixes)


A Broken Frame | The 12" Singles

Black Celebration | The 12" Singles

Construction Time Again | The 12" Singles


Love In Itself.2 And Live Tracks (Remastered)

Love In Itself.2 and Live Tracks

Personal Jesus 2011

Should Be Higher- The Remixes

Some Great Reward | The 12" Singles

Songs Of Faith And Devotion | The 12" Singles

Speak & Spell | The 12' Singles

Speak & Spell | The 12" Singles

Violator | The 12" Singles

Where's the Revolution (Remixes)


Depeche Mode - Nothing (Justin Strauss Mix)


A Pain That I'm Used To (DMD Maxi) (DJ Version)

A Pain That I'm Used To (DMD Maxi)

A Pain That I'm Used To (Live in Milan)

A Pain That I'm Used To (Telex Remix 2)

A Pain That I'm Used To

A Photograph of You - Live in Hammersmith, October, 1982

A Photograph of You

A Question of Lust

A Question Of Time

A Question Time

Agent Orange - 2006 Remaster

Agent Orange

And Then... - 2007 Remaster

Any Second Now (Voices) - 2006 Remaster

Barrel of a Gun - 2007 Remaster

Barrel of a Gun

Behind the Wheel - 2006 Remaster

Behind the Wheel - Live at Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA, 18/6/1988

Behind the Wheel (Route 66) (Radio Eidt)

Behind the Wheel (Route 66)

Behind the Wheel

Better Days

Big Muff - 2006 Remaster

Black Celebration

Blasphemous Rumours (Live at Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA, 18-6-1988)

Blasphemous Rumours

Blue Dress - 2006 Remaster

Blue Dress

Boys Say Go! - 2006 Remaster

But Not Tonight

Clean - 2006 Remaster


Come Back


Cover Me (Alt Out)

Cover Me

Dangerous - 2006 Remaster



Dream On - 2007 Remaster

Dream on

Dreaming of Me - 2006 Remaster

Dreaming of Me

Dressed in Black

Enjoy the Silence - 2006 Remaster

Enjoy The Silence - Single Mix

Enjoy The Silence (21490)

Enjoy the Silence (Contains Hidden Track 'Crucifx')

Enjoy the Silence (Reinterpreted by Mike Shinoda)

Enjoy The Silence (U.S. Maxi Single)

Enjoy the Silence)

Enjoy the Silence


Everything Counts - 2007 Remaster

Everything Counts - In Larger Amounts

Everything Counts - Live at Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA, 18/6/1988

Everything Counts - UK Version

Everything Counts (Single Version)

Everything Counts

Fail (Cinematic Cut)



Fly on the Windscreen - Final

Fly on the Windscreen (Final)

Fly on the Windscreen


Fragile Tension

Free Love

Freelove (42419)



Get Right With Me (Live 1993)

Get Right with Me

Get the Balance Right!

Going Backwards

Halo - 2006 Remaster


Happiest Girl


Here Is the House

Higher Love

Hole To Feed

Home - 2007 Remaster


I Feel Loved (U.S. Maxi Single)

I Feel Loved

I Feel You - 2006 Remaster

I Feel You (Live 1993)

I Feel You

I Just Can't Get Enough

I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead - 2006 Remaster

I Want It All (Live in Milan)

I Want It All

I Want You Now - 2006 Remaster

I Want You Now

Ice Machine - 2006 Remaster

Ice Machine (Live In Liverpool)

If You Want - 2006 Remaster

In Your Room

It Doesn't Matter - 2006 Remaster

It Doesn't Matter Two

It's Called a Heart

It's No Good - 2007 Remaster

It's No Good (U.S. Maxi Single)

It's No Good

Jazz Thieves

John The Revelator (DMD Maxi)

John the Revelator (James T. Cotton Dub)

John the Revelator (Live in Milan)

John The Revelator [DJ Version] (DMD Maxi)

John the Revelator


Junior Painkiller

Just Can't Get Enough - 2006 Remaster

Just Can't Get Enough - Live at Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA, 18/6/1988

Just Can't Get Enough - Live in Hammersmith; 2018 Remaster

Just Can't Get Enough - Schizo Mix; 2006 Remaster

Just Can't Get Enough - Single Version

Just Can't Get Enough (U.S. Maxi Single)

Just Can't Get Enough

Kaleid - 2006 Remaster


Leave in Silence - 2006 Remaster

Leave In Silence

Lie to Me - 2006 Remaster

Little 15 - 2006 Remaster

Little 15

Love in Itself.4

Love in Itself

Love, in Itself - 2007 Remaster

Love, in Itself


Martyr (DMD Maxi)

Martyr (U.S. Maxi)


Master and Servant - 2006 Remaster

Master and Servant

Memphisto - 2006 Remaster

Mercy In You (Live 1993)

Mercy in You

More Than a Party - 2007 Remaster

More Than A Party

My Secret Garden - 2006 Remaster

Never Let Me Down Again - 2006 Remaster

Never Let Me Down Again - Live at Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA, 18/6/1988

Never Let Me Down Again - Tsangarides Mix

Never Let Me Down Again & Intruders

Never Let Me Down Again (U.S. Maxi Single)

Never Let Me Down Again

New Dress

New Life - 2006 Remaster

New Life (U.S. Maxi Single)

New Life


No More (This Is the Last Time)

Nodisco! - 2006 Remaster

Nothing - 2006 Remaster

Nothing to Fear - 2006 Remaster


Now This Is Fun

Oberkorn (It's A Small Town) (Development Mix)

One Caress

Only When I Lose Myself

Peace (Justus Köhncke Extended Disco Club Vocal)

Peace (The Exploding Plastic Inevitable JK Disco Dub)


People Are People - 2006 Remaster

People Are People


Personal Jesus (U.S. Maxi Single)

Personal Jesus 2011

Personal Jesus

Photographic - 2006 Remaster

Photographic (Live In Hammersmith)


Pimpf - 2006 Remaster

Pimpf (Contains Hidden Track Mission Impossible)


Pipeline - 2007 Remaster

Pleasure, Little Treasure - 2006 Remaster

Pleasure, Little Treasure

Poison Heart

Policy of Truth - 2006 Remaster

Policy of Truth - Single Version

Policy Of Truth (U.S. Maxi Single)

Policy of Truth

Policy tf Truth


Precious (Live in Milan)

Precious (U.S. 2-Track DMD Single)

Precious (U.S. DMD Maxi)

Precious (U.S. DMD Single)

Precious (U.S. Maxi Single)


Puppets - 2006 Remaster


Route 66 - 2006 Remaster

Route 66/Behind The Wheel


Sacred - 2006 Remaster




Sea of Sin - Tonal Mix; 2006 Remaster

Sea of Sin

See You - 2006 Remaster

See You

Shake the Disease - Live at Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA, 18/6/1988

Shake the Disease

Shame - 2007 Remaster


Should Be Higher

Shout - 2006 Remaster

Shout (Live In Hammersmith)

Sibeling - 2006 Remaster

Sister of Night


So Much Love

Somebody - 2006 Remaster

Somebody - Live at Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA, 18/6/1988

Somebody - Remix

Somebody (Live in Liverpool)


Something to Do - 2006 Remaster

Something to Do


Sonata No.14 in C#m

Sonata No.14 in C#m (Moonlight Sonata) - 2006 Remaster

Soothe My Soul


Stories of Old - 2006 Remaster

Strangelove - 2006 Remaster

Strangelove - 7' Version

Strangelove - Alt. Single Version

Strangelove - Live at Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA, 18/6/1988

Strangelove - Single Version

Strangelove (U.S. Maxi Single)


Stripped - Live at Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA, 18/6/1988

Stripped (U.S. Maxi Single)


Suffer Well (Live in Milan)

Suffer Well (Narcotic Thrust Vocal Dub)

Suffer Well (U.S. DMD Maxi) (DJ Version)

Suffer Well (U.S. DMD Maxi)

Suffer Well

Surrender - Single Version; 2007 Remaster

Sweetest Perfection - 2006 Remaster

Sweetest Perfection

Tainded Love

The Bottom Line

The Darkest Star

The Dead of Night

The Great Outdoors!

The Landscape Is Changing - 2007 Remaster

The Meaning of Love - 2006 Remaster

The Meaning of Love

The Sun and the Rainfall - 2006 Remaster

The Things You Said - 2006 Remaster

The Things You Said

The Worst Crime

To Have and to Hold - 2006 Remaster

to Have and to Hold (Spanish Taster)

to Have and to Hold

Told You So - 2007 Remaster

Told You So

Tora! Tora! Tora! - 2006 Remaster

Two Minute Warning - 2007 Remaster

Two Minute Warning

Useless - 2007 Remaster


Waiting for the Night - 2006 Remaster

Waiting for the Night

Walking In My Shoes (U.S. Maxi Single)

Walking in My Shoes

What's Your Name? - 2006 Remaster

What's Your Name?

Where's the Revolution

Work Hard

World Full of Nothing

World in My Eyes - 2006 Remaster

World in My Eyes (Dub in My Eyes)

World in My Eyes (Mayhem Mode)

World in My Eyes (Mode To Joy)

World In My Eyes (U.S. Maxi Single)

World in My Eyes

Wrong (Thin White Duke Dub)


You Move