Lost Frequencies

Genre: Electronic

Style: Dance

Member(s): Félix De Laet

Label(s): RCA

Distributor(s): Sony Music Entertainment

Country: Belgium

Félix De Laet born in 1993 at Beersel (Brussels) came famous in 2014 with his song 'Are You with Me'.


Are You With Me (Remixes Part 3)

Are You With Me (Remixes)

Less Is More (Deluxe)

Less Is More

Reality (Remixes Two)


All Or Nothing (Remixes Part 2)

All Or Nothing (Remixes)

Are You With Me (Remixes Part 2)

Beautiful Life (Remixes Part 2)

Beautiful Life (Remixes, Pt. 1)

Beautiful Life

Reality (Remixes)

What Is Love 2016 (Remixes Part 2)

What Is Love 2016 (Remixes)


Emma Bale - Run (Lost Frequencies Remix)

Estelle feat. Kanye West - American Boy (Lost Frequencies Remix)

Everyone You Know - She Don't Dance (Lost Frequencies Remix)

Girls in Hawaii - Guinea Pig (Lost Frequencies Remix)

Lea Rue - Sleep, for the Weak! (Lost Frequencies Remix)

Major Lazer - Cold Water (Lost Frequencies Remix)


All Or Nothing (Afrojack & Ravitez Remix)

All Or Nothing (Dirtcaps Remix)

All Or Nothing

Are You & Me

Are You With Me (Dash Berlin Radio Edit)

Are You with Me

Are You With Me (Radio Edit)

Are You With Me / Reality (Christmas Remixes)

Are You with Me

Beautiful Life (Gareth Emery Remix)

Beautiful Life

Before Today

Dance with Me

FootSteps in the Night

Funky'n Brussels

In too Deep

Like I Love You

Reality (John Dahlbäck Radio Edit)


requencies - In the Shadows (Lost Frequencies Remake)

Rise (Remixes)

Rise (twocolors Remix)


Run (Lost Frequencies Radio Edit)

Selfish Love

Send Her My Love (R.O. Remix)

Send Her My Love

St. Peter

Sun Is Shining

What Goes Around Comes Around

What Is Love 2016 (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Remix)

What Is Love 2016 (Regi & Lester Williams Remix)

What Is Love 2016

Where Are You Now (Remix Pack)

Where Are You Now  (Acoustic)

Where Are You Now  (Deluxe Mix)

Where Are You Now  (Kungs Remix)

Where Are You Now