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Year: 2022

Release date: 25th November 2022

Genre: Electronic

Style: House, Techno, Dance, Trance

Country: Belgium

Label(s): N.E.W.S. / 541 (5411000CD)

Mediums: 6 Audio CD's / Digital

Info: This release is a major milestone in the history of Serious Beats because after 31 years, the Serious Beats compilation era comes to an end. The very last edition, The anniversary release holds 6 Audio CD's with over more than 60 club classics from the past decades. The ultimate saga of house as they call it. Just like with the anniversary releases of Serious Beats 25 and Serious Beats 50 there will be released some vinyl boxes counting the classic house tracks spread out over 3 box sets with each 5 vinyls in it.