Serious Beats Vol. 4 - Mega Dance Party Mix

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Year: 1992

Genre: Electronic

Style: House, Acid, Dance, New-Wave

Country: Belgium

Mediums: 1 Audio CD

Info: This Compilation counts 2 tracks: the first track is a full megamix and the second track is the short mix made for the radio.

1aa. D.H.S. - The House of God

1ab. Transformer 2 - Pacific Symphony

1ac. A Claim 2 Fame - Take You There

1ad. F.U.S.E. - Substance Abuse

1ae. Master Techno - My Noise

1af. Jade 4U - Messenger of Love

1ag. Jessie Deep! - S.H.U.M.

1ah. Neon - Without Control

1ai. Oliver Adams - Free the World

1aj. Digital Orgasm - Startouchers

1ak. Robert Armani - A.M.B.U.L.A.N.C.E.

1al. Joe Inferno - Satanika

1am. Digital Excitation - Pure Pleasure

1an. SA 42 - I Want to Push

1ao. Fierce Ruling Diva - Rubb It In

1ap. 2 Fabiola - The Milkyway

1aq. Convert - Nightbird

1ar. Phenomenia - Who Is Elvis?

1as. Melody II - Beat Your Heart Out

1at. Insider - Destiny

1au. Roel Butzen - Violent Wake-Up

1av. Code Red - Dreamer, Dream

1aw. Blasphemy - Flirtation in Paradise

1ax. Speedy J. - Pullover

1ay. Speedy J. - Something for Your Mind

1az. The Gateway Experience - Twin Freaks

1ba. Two Pieces - Magic Bells

1bb. Atomizer 2 - Liberty & Freedom

2a. 2 Unlimited - Twilight Zone

2b. OXY - The Feeling

2c. 2 Fabiola - The Milkyway

2d. Convert - Nightbird

2e. Phenomania - Who Is Elvis?

2f. World Series of Love - Spread Love

2g. Speedy J. - Pullover