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50 Cent

Genre: Gangster Rap

Genre: Hip-Hop

Style: Rap

Member(s): Curtis James Jackson III

Label(s): Caroline, Capito, G-Unit, Columbia, Shady, Aftermath, Interscope, Universal Music, Trackmasters, Jam Master Jay

Country: US

50 cent also known as Curtis Jackson is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, actor, television produceren, entrepreneur and investor from New York. He's born in South Jamaica and became famous by his rap songs. His best known song 'In Da Club
'. He has his own music label called G-Unit and released 3 albums so far.


Before I Self-Destruct

Best of (2017)


Get Rich or Die Tryin'

Power of the Dollar

Animal Ambition: An Untamed Desire to Win

The Massacre

The New Breed


Candy Shop

I Still Will (Promo)

In da Club

Pimp (Promo)

Window Shopper


187 Freestyle

1998 Freestyle

21 Questions

21 Questions About My Magic Stick

3 Minute Freestyle

300 Shots

5 Heartbeats

50 and Ali

50 Bars

50 Barz

50 Cent n Banks

50 Cent Outro

50 Cent Tapestars Intro

50 for President

50 Fuckin' Around

50 Shot Ya


8 Mile DVD Trailer

8 More Miles

9 Shots

99 Shit

A Baltimore Love Thing

A Rap Game

a Repercussions

After My Chedda

After the Fact

Ain't Gangsta

Ain't Rich, Stop Lying


All About Dough

All Eye's Me

All Eyes on Us

All for Sale

All His Love

Altered Ego

Amusement Park



Animal Ambition


As the World Turns

As Time Goes By

at. Snoop Dogg - Pimp

Attack Mode

Ayo Technology

Baby by Me

Baby Get on Your Knees

Baby If You Give It to Me

Back Down

Back Seat

Back to the Streets



Bad Luck

Bad News

Banana Clip

Banks Victory


Be a Gentleman

Be a Gentlemen

Be Dead!

Be My Bitch

Beef With Me

Before I Let Go

Before I Self Destruct

Behind da Bars

Best Friend

Better Come on Your A Game

Better Move


Bitch What

Bitch What U Know About

Blind Man

Blue Eyes Too

Blvd. of Broken Dreams

Body Bags

Body on It

Bonus from 50 Cents

Bonus Track 1

Bonus Track 2

Bonus Track 3


Born to Do It

Bring It All to Me

Broken Dreams

Build You up

Bullshit Party

Bump Dat

Bump Freestlye

Bump That

Burner on Me


C.R.E.A.M. 2009

C.R.E.A.M. Freestyle


Call Me

Can I Speak to You

Candy Shop

Can't Fuck With Me

Can't Help Myself


Chase You Outta Here

Check Cleared

Chi Chi Get the Yayo

Ching Ching Freestyle

Ching, Ching, Ching

Clap Those Things

Clue Freestyle

Clue Shit!

Cocaine Cowboys


Come & Go

Come and Get You

Come and Get You, Pt. 1

Come and Get You, Pt. 2

Come Over Tonight


Corner Bodega

Corner Spot

Crack a Bottle



Crime Wave

Criminal Minded Life

Cruising Music

Cry Me a River

Curtis 187

Cutmaster C Freestyle

Da Repercussions



Dat Aint Gangsta

Dead Men Can't Talk

Deadman Freestyle

Dean Blunt

Death to My Enemies

Deep Cover

Definition of Sexy

Dem Nah Ready

Dial 911

Diddy New Shit

Die for Me

Disco Inferno

Dissin Bangi Em Smurf

Dissin Dipset Game

Do a Little Sumthin

Do I Sound Crazy, Part 1

Do or Die

Do You Think About Me

Doin' My Own Thing

Don't Front

Don't Make Me

Don't Push Me

Don't Stop 50's Music

Don't Want to Talk About It

Doo Wop Freestyle

Drama Never Ends




Elementary Style

Eminem Interlude


Enter Eminem

Entourage Freestyle

Enuff Is Enuff

Everything Is Alright

Everytime I Come Around (Music Video) Featuring Kidd Kidd

Evil Mad Man Do


Eye for an Eye

Fahrakkan Skit

Fat Bitch


Fatt Fatt


Flex Freestyle

Flight 187

Follow Me

Follow Me Gangsta

Follow My Lead

For the Night



Freestyle 1

Freestyle 2

Freestyle 3

Freestyle Ching Ching

Freestyle I Need a Girl

Freestyle Live My Life

Freestyle Who Shot Ya

Freestyle You, Me Him & Her

Fuck and Be Friends

Fuck Wid Me

Fuck You

Fully Load Clip

Fully Loaded Clip

Funeral Music

Funk Flex

Funkmaster Flex Interview

Funkmaster Flex Interview Pt.2

Funny How Time Flies

G Unit in the House

Game keeps making me rich

Gangsta Music

Gangsta Muzik

Gangsta Shit

Gangsta'd Up

Gangsta's Delight

Gangstaz Freestyle

Gangster Music

Gansta T'Cha

Gatman and Robin

Gee's Up


Get Gully

Get High All the Time

Get In My Car

Get It Hot

Get It In

Get Money

Get Money Mayne

Get Off Me

Get Off My Dick

Get Out the Club

Get Out the Club Bitch

Get Slapped

Get the Message

Get Up

Get Ya Boy

Gettin' Mine

Ghetto Like a Motherfucker

Ghetto Qua Ran

Ghetto Quaran

Ghetto Quran

Ghetto supa star

Ghetto Superstar

Girl Come Over

Girl Gimme Yo Number

Give It to Me

Go to Sleep


God Gave Me Style

Gon Pay Me

Good Die Young

Good to You

Got Me a Bottle

Gotta Get

Gotta Get Mine

Gotta Make It To Heaven

Green Lantern

Grew Up

Grindin Freestyle

Guess Who's Back

Guess Who's Back Again

Gun Runner

Gun Runner Skit

Gun Runners

Gun Traffic


Gunit Anthem

G-Unit Interlude

G-Unit Skit


Guns 4 Sale

Guns Come Out

Guns for Sale

Gunz Come Out

Hail Mary

Handgun Problem

Handz on the Steel

Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2011

Hate It or Love It

Hate Itor Love It

Have Mercy on Me

Heartless Monster



Here We Go

Here We Go Again


High All the Time

High On Dope


Hit Em Hard

Hit Em Up

Hit on You

Hit You Up

Hit Your Ass Up


Hold Me Down

Hold On

Hole in Ya Back

Hole in Yo Back

Hoodlumz - G'd Up Freestyle

Hoodlumz - Who We Be

Ho's Ho's 2

Hot 97 Interview

How to Rob

How to Rob an Industry Nigga

How to Rob the Industry

How U Gonna Take This



Hustler's Ambition

I Am All Turnt Up

I Callapse

I Cant Wait

I Don't Fuck Wit U

I Don't Know, Officer

I Don't Need 'Em

I Fucked Your Girl

I Get It In

I Get Money

I Got Cha Open

I Got Hoes

I Got Me a Bottle

I Got Swag

I Gotta Win

I Just Wanna

I Know What You Like

I Like the Way She Do It

I Line Niggas

I run NY

I Smell Pussy

I Still Kill

I Wanna Be Your Favorite

I Wanted a Drop

I Warned You

I Will Let It Go

If Dead Man Can't Talk

If Dead Men Can Talk

If Dead Men Could Talk

If I Can

If I Can Go Freestyle

If I Can't

If I Could Do

If It Wasn't Fo the Flow

If You Leave

I'll Do Anything

Ill Make a Move Out Em

I'll Still Kill

I'll Whip ya Head Boy


I'm a Hurt You

Im a Hustla

I'm a Hustler

I'm a Rider

I'm a Ryder

I'm a Soldier

I'm an Animal

I'm Grimey

I'm Not Rich and Still Lying

I'm on It

I'm Rising to the Top

I'm Runnin

I'm So Hood

I'm So Sory

I'm Supposed to Die Tonight

I'm the Man

In Cold Blood Freestyle

In da Club

In da House

in Da House Skit

In God We Trust

In My Hood

In the Club

In the Hood

In the House



Interview Pt 1 Interview Murder Inc. on Hot 97

Interview Pt 2 Ja Rule & Irv Gotti

Interview Pt 3 Irv Gotti



It Aint Safe No More

It Is What It Is

Its 50 Mutha Fucka

Ja Rule Interview

Just a Lil Bit

Just A Lil' Bit

Just a Touch

Just Be Friends

Just Fucking Around

Just Too Much

Keep It Coming

Kill a Nigga

Killa Tape Intro

Killer Tape Freestyle

Killing the Competition


Kweli Freestyle

Lantern Freestyle

Last 2 Laugh

Last Chance

Lay down (skit)

Lay Me Down

Leave the Lights On


Let That Shit Play

Let's Get It In

Liar Liar

Life Goes On

Lifes on the Line

Life's on the Line

Like a Dog

Like a G6

Like We Do

Live & Die Freestyle

Live intro

Live Like a Soldier

Live on Shade 45

London Bitch

London Bridge Freestyle

London Girl

London Girl 2

London London

Look What You Made Me Do

Loss of a Legend

Love Me

Love, Hate, Love


Magic Stick

Make a Movie

Make a Movie Out Em

Make a Movie Out of Em

Make Money by Any Means

Making It Happen

Man Down

Man Down (Censored)

Man's World

Many 9's Go Bang

Many Man

Many Men

Many Men (Wish Death)

Material Girl

Material Girl 2000

Maybe We Crazy

Mean Mug

Menace 2 Society(Prod. Scott Stoch)

Mind Sex

Minds Playin Tricks on Me




Money by Any Means



Moon Man

Motion Picture


Movie Trailer

Movin On Up

Movin' on Up

MTV Intro

My Angel

My Crown

My Downfall

My Gun Go Off

My Heart

My Legacy

My Life

My Name Ring Bells

My Nigga


Nate Dogg - 21 Questions


Niggaz Betta Move

No 1 on 1

No Introduction

No More Games

No One on One

No Romeo No Juliet

Nobody Likes Me