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About zzongs

Welcome to the world of music

zzongs is your online source for information about music, releases and artists for free. It's made for you and all the people who love music and want to know more about their favorite artists. The database offers detailed information about music artists, songs, albums, compilations and new releases in an easy to used but structured way. We thank you for using our database and hope to inform you about your favorite music and artists as good as posible. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or if you want to share information, see the 'Contact' section.

What is zzongs?

This online music library is a project 'byWM'. We attempt to make the biggest, largest and most accurate music database you ever seen. A database that is very different from every know database structures that are used today. Our database website has a whole other approach and a total different structure than any other database based website. How we manage this all is a secret. The only thing we want to say is that it's not perfect but it can be perfected as it grows. And it grows daily with new information. It will be the next big thing in disco-graphical information. Not only the music of the biggest hits like the songs of Madonna, Prince, The Beatles or Michael Jackson are added in this database. Also less known artists from all over the world are added just like less popular music genres and styles are added as many as there is known about it.

Why zzongs?

Because we want to do it different from other music websites. We want to share the right information in a pretty but neat structure so visitors don't need to look around for to long and click on many links before they get the right information they searching for.

How does this database work?

What we do is collecting information about artists, compilations, albums and songs sorted in a neat but very structural way. This way we are making the biggest music archive ever build. We put a lot of effort in sharing the exact and correct information. The spelling of the releases and artists are checked very regular. No long texts to read, no 5 different versions for one album and nothing that's missing up the right information. Our goal is to make the biggest yet easiest place to search for music related material. You can click trough almost every artist, album, song or remix. And on top of that, all the information is for free. And it stays for free.

Why we do this?

Because we are in love with music and like making websites and IT. Beside our family and friends these 3 things are some of our passions in fact it became a piece of our life.

Some history

Some details of the founder and the origins of www.zzongs.com. First off all he fell in love with music at the age of 12. He was listen constantly to the radio and with recorded good music with his cassette-deck. It was an addiction, especially electronic music. Every new song that hit the charts had to be recorded, even if this was 12 o clock at dinner time ore 12 o clock at night. With his headphone on he listen his recordings from the radio over and over again. At the age of 14 he discovered how to work with the computer. He fell in love again. IT had to be his thing. Ever he will be doing something with computers. At the age of 16 as an amateur he was making illustrations, websites, excel charts, 3D models and much more. When he was 18 he had to decide what he wanted to do. He choose to study for a bachelor degree as architect. Why architect? Well at school he had to choose a direction between Electronics, Wood, Metal and Building. And it became Buildings. And he was good at it. So it went on and after high-school he was deployed for over more than 10 years in firms who needed technical building designers. For a while it was OK but he never lose or gave up his trough passion and that was music and IT. So after some turbulent years of making blogs about several subjects and experimenting with html-code he decided to make a huge information database about music. It had to be very organized and organizable. Because of the complexity and the big size of the project he had to think and experiment. He needed to learn SEO, html, css and how to make his website responsible. So he went for it and learned all of this in his spare-time. And he started his biggest dream project, with falling and rising again, until he had the ultimate music information database he wanted. Fully compatible with every computer, smart-phone, tablet and browser. It also had to be light weighted because he want to give the user a fast experience that was never been seen before. Also forming and creating the information on this online database has to be done with several techniques. Therefor we use several apps that make it all some bit easier for us even of today we are using several tools and tricks we used in the beginning days. Some of methods to make, organize and reorganize the database has been developed for several years and it keeps evolving into better ways including searching for new methods and new apps.

Our target

We want to build the biggest online music archive the human history has ever known. Yes we are a little bit vain, but also proud on our project.

Contribute to this online music archive

As an artist or user you can contribute to this online music archive by mailing us your songs. Just read the 'How to contribute' section. In the future it will be posible to make your own account and have your own little space on www.zzongs.com where you can ad your favorite music.

New releases

We try to add new releases every 2 or 3 weeks.

The future

At this time we are renting hosting space. In the near future we want to expand our activity's and build our own web-server(s) that provide the user faster access to the music library. We also have in mind there will be a need of users that want to have there own private collection that can be accessed trough our website so it will be possible to add favorites and even contribute to this online music library.

Site structure and navigation

In the navigation bar that you can find at the very top of the website you can navigate trough the top levels of this site with topics like there are: Artists, Releases, Compilations and much more. At the end of the navigation you can find a share button where you can share the page with your friends and family trough your favorite social platform.

At the top of the content you find a breadcrumb where you can find links to the upper structure on the site. Under the breadcrumb navigation you find information about the artist, song, album or compilation, general information, related artists, releases where a song is appeared on, always in the some order. At the right side you can find an image or cover of the artist or release. Also on the right side under the image you often find a YouTube video clip of the particular song. As latest you can find a track-list of all the songs of the release, sorted by name or track number. All tracks have link to the particular song in the database.

In the footer you can find links to our Facebook and Twitter account. Also a copyright statement and a link to the main organization who made and maintain this website. In the white box you can write your comments down. These comments can be published after they have been moderated.

Final Note

zzongs is not another online music database or an online music library. This free music database came online because we love music, webdesign and IT. www.zzongs.com is everything of these things combined in one single project. The biggest project I ever worked on so far. Almost every day we put a lot of work, sweat and tears in this huge project but it's still in a hobby stage. We want to make a big difference in providing good content, yet clear and fast. We do this with an online music database like there is none of available at the moment. And this all for free. We approached the structure, the database and the method of how we wanted to make this music database from an other perspective than most developers do. The result: a revelation in how users can search and browse a database without getting lost. We let you find the exact information you're looking for presented in a fast, clean and understandable layout.

The zzongs database is regularly updated with news from the music business. New releases, artists and songs are regularly added to the releases section.

Not only popular artists like Harry Styles, Michael Jackson, Madonna, 50 Cent and Robbie Williams are included but also music by less popular artists from countrys all over the world can be found here. We do our best to ad correct information about a song, an album or a compilation.

zzongs is an online place made by people who love music and is intended to be used and browsed by people who love music. Thanks for using our music database, enjoy our hard work and share it with your friends, colleagues and family.


2.256.952 artists (music groups)

20.833.109 songs (excl. versions and remixes)

222.586 albums

3.980 compilations

30.677 EPs

345 singles

177 maxi-singles

3.578 images