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Van Halen

Genre: Heavy Metal

Genre: Rock




A Different Kind Of Truth


Best Of Volume 1

Diver Down

Fair Warning

For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge


Studio Albums 1978-1984

Tokyo Dome In Concert

Van Halen

Van Halen Best Of Volume 1

Van Halen II

Van Halen III

Women And Children First

Van Halen Live: Right Here, Right Now

The Best Of Both Worlds

The Collection

The Very Best Of Van Halen

The Very Best Of Van Halen (UK Release)


(Bad Women) Peace of Mind

(Here's) Just What You Want

(Oh) Pretty Woman

(Storytime With Dave And Drums)

(Storytime With Dave And End Of Show)

(Storytime With Dave And Guitar)


1984 Jam

30 Days in the Hole



79th and Sunset

A Apolitical Blues

A Man on a Mission

A Simple Rhyme


A.F.U. (Naturally Wired)

About Not Having Infinite Time

Act Like It Hurts



Ain't Talkin' About Love

Ain't Talkin' Bout Love

Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love

Ain't Talking About Love

Ain't Talking 'Bout Love

Alex Van Halen Solo

Alex's Drum Solo

All That I Need

All That I Needed

Amnesty Is Granted


And the Cradle Will Rock

And the Cradle Will Rock... Audio

Angel Eyes

Appreciating Music

As Is

Atomic Punk

Babe, Don't Leave Me Alone

Babes Don't Leave Me Alone

Baby What You Want Me to Do

Bad Women

Ballot or the Bullet


Bass Solo

Beats Workin'

Beautiful Girls

Beautiful Girls Audio

Becoming Predictable

Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers

Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers

Believe Me

Best of Both Worlds

Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now)

Big Fat Money

Big River

Big Trouble


Black and Blue

Black Sabbath Riffs + Eruption

Black Star

Blood and Fire

Born in the Bayou

Bottoms Up!

Bright Lights, Big City

Bring on the Girls

Brown M&M's

Brown Sugar



Cabo Wabo

Can't Get Enough

Can't Get This Stuff No More

Can't Stop Lovin' You

Can't Stop Loving You



China Town

Communication Breakdowm

Constructing Songs

Could This Be Magic

Creating Original Material

Crossing Over


Crossroads Blues


Dazed and Confused

Dead or Alive

Deeper Kind of Love

Deeper Kinda Love

Dirty Movies

Dirty Movies'

Dirty Water Dog

Doin' Time

Don't Call Us, We'll Call You

Don't Fight It

Don't Tell Me

Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do)

Down by the River

Down in Flames

Dream Is Over


Drop Dead Legs

Drum Solo

Drum Struck

E.V.H. Guitar Solo

Eagles Fly

Eddie & Dave Talking About Recording

Eddie Solo

Eddie Van Halen Interview 1998

Eddie's Solo

Eddie's Warming Up

Edward Van Halen Solo


Eruption - You Really Got Me

Everybody Wants Some

Everybody Wants Some Pt. 1

Everybody Wants Some Pt. 2

Everybody Wants Some!!

Eyes of Nite

Feel Your Love Tonigh

Feel Your Love Tonight

Feel Your Love Tonite



Feels So Good

Fell Like Bugs

Finish What Ya Started

Finish What You Started

Fire in the Hole

Fire in the Whole


First Public Performance

Five Sides to Every Coin


Founding Love Again

From Afar

Full Bug

Gentlemen of Leisure

Get Back

Get Down Tonight

Get the Show on the Road

Get Up

Girl Gone Bad

Girl You Really Got Me Now

Give To Live



Goin' Down

Going on Adventures

Going Solo

Gonna Take a Lot of Drugs

Gonna Take a Lotta Drugs

Good Enough

Goodbye to Jane


Guitar Solo

Guitar Solo Pt. 1

Guitar Solo Pt. 2

Hang 'em High

Happy Trails

Hear About It Later

Heartbreak Hotel

High Hopes



Honolulu Baby

Hot for Teacher

Hot From Teacher

Hot Summer Night

Hot Summer Nights

Hots on for Nowhere

House of Blues Jam

House of Pain

How Many Say I

Humans Being

I Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love

I Can't Drive 55

I Fought the Law

I Live With Fools

I ll Wait

I Wanna Be Your Lover

I Wan't Drive 55

I Want Some Action

I Want to Be Your Lover

Ice Cream Man

If You Can't Rock Me

I'll Wait

I'm the One

In a Simple Rhyme

In for the Kill

In in Out

In 'n' Out



Instrumental Jam


Interview With Van Halen




It's About Time

It's About Time (New Recording)

Jamie's Cryin

Jamie's Cryin'

Jamies Crying

Jean Genie


Judgement Day


Keep Playing That Rock 'n' Roll

Keyboard Solo


La Grange

Last Child

Last Night

Learn to See

Learning My Craft

Learning to See

Learning To See (New Recording)

Let Me Swim

Let Me Swim in Your Ocean

Let's Get Rockin'

Lets Get Rocking

Light in the Sky

Light Up the Sky

Little Dreamer

Little Drumer

Little Guitar

Little Guitars

Little Guitars (Intro)

Live for the Music

Loss of Control

Love Comes Walking In

Love Walks In


Make It Last

Making Music Is Like Making Cars

Man on a Mission

Man on the Silver Mountain

Maybe I'm a Leo

Me Wise Magic

Mean Street

Might Just Take Your Life

Mine All Mine

Mississippi Queen

Musical Influences

My Generation


No More Waiting

Not Enough


On Fire


One Foot out the Door

One I Want

One Night

One Way To Rock

Osaka Gypsy Woman Blues

Outside Woman Blues

Outta Love

Outta Love Again

Outta Space


Piece of Mind

Pleasure Dome

Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow


Pretty Woman


Push Comes To Shove

Put Out the Lights

Put Out Your Lights

Radio Intro on KROQ


Right Here

Right Now

Rock & Roll

Rock And Roll

Rock and Roll All Nite

Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo

Rock Candy

Rock n Roll All Nite

Rock 'n' Roll Hoochie Coo

Rock 'N Roll Hoochie Koo

Rock Steady

Rockin' in the Free World


Romeo Delight


Runnin' with the Devil

Running with the Devil


Seventh Seal

Shapes of Things

She's the Woman

Show Me Your Love

Show Your Love

Simple Rhyme

Sinner's Swing!

Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay

Sleepless Nights

Sleepless Nites

Somebody Get a Doctor

Somebody Get Me a Doctor

Somebody Get Me Doctor


Song Design

Sound, Style, and Symbol

Source of Infection

Spanish Fly


Stairway to Heaven

Standing on Top of the World

Stay Frosty

Still Alive + Well

Still Alive and Well

Stone Cold Sober

Strung Out

Sucker in a 3 Piece

Summer Nights

Summertime Blues

Sunday Afternoon in the Park



Surrounded by the Pros

Sweet Emotion

Take It Back

Take Your Whiskey Home

Taking Music Seriously



That's Why I Love Ya

This Dream Is Over

Time's a Waste

To Be Yourself

Top Jimmy

Top of the World

Tora! Tora!

Tour Song

Trampled Under Foot


Twist and Shout

Ultra Bass

Ultra Bass - Purple Haze


Unchained with Drum Solo


Up for Breakfast

Up For Breakfast (New Recording)

Van Halen

Vodoo Queen

Voodoo Queen

Waiting for the Bus

Walk Away

Walk This Way

We All Had a Real Good Time

We Die Bold

We Die Young

What Kind of Person

When It's Love

Where All the Heat Comes From

Where Have All the Good Times Gone!

Where the Inspiration Comes From

Why Can t This Be Love

Why Can't This Be Love

Why History Is Great

Wild Thing

Wild Things


Without You

Woman in Love

Women and Movies

Women in Love...

Women in Love......

Won't Get Fooled Again

Year to the Day

You and Your Blues

You Don't Have to Go

You Really Got Me

You Really Got Me-Cabo Wabo

Young & Wild

Young and Wild

Young Man Blues

You're No Good

[bass / drums solo]


[encore break]

[Guitar Solo] I Can't Drive 55



“Dirty Movies”


1984 > Jump

30 Days in the Hole / Francine / Gudbuy T'Jane

316 / Eddie's Guitar Solo

And the Cradle Will Rock…

Atomic Punk / Drum Solo

Bass Solo / Dancing in the Street

Bass Solo / You're No Good

Bass Solo > I'll Wait

Best Of Both Worlds [Explicit]

Bottums Upp! / Drum Solo

Can't Stop Lovin' You / Bass Solo

Cathedral – House Of Pain

Cathedral / Secrets

Could This Be Magic?

Dance The Night Away

Dancing in the Street

Dave Raps / Intro Of Band

Drum Solo / Everybody Wants Some

Eruption / Why Can't This Be Love?

Guitar Solo / Eagles Fly

Happy Trails ~ You Really Got Me

Intro / Romeo Delight

Intruder / (Oh) Pretty Woman

Intruder / Guitar Solo

Intruder / Pretty Woman

It's Only Rock and Roll / Woman From Tokyo

Jam / 1984

Jump / House Of Pain [Digital 45]

Keep Playin That Rock ‘n Roll

Light Up the Sky / Drum Solo

Panama / Drop Dead Legs [Digital 45]

Pleasure Dome / Drum Solo