2 Fabiola

Genre: Electronic

Style: Dance, Euro-Dance

Member(s): Olivier Adams (producer), Patrick Claesen (producer), Zohra Aït-Fath (dance performer), Fabio (dance performer), Loredana Deamicis (Singer from 2014 till now)

Label(s): Universal Music, Atmoz, Antler-Subway Records

Distributor(s): Universal Music, EMI, Import Partners

Country: Belgium


2 Fabiola is a Belgium dance act that has been lead by DJ Pat Krimson (Patrick Claesen) and Olivier Adams. This project started in 1991. Later on Zohra and Fabio where added to the project. 2 Fabiola refers to the Belgium Queen Fabiola (11 June 1928 - 5 December 2014). Pat Krimson had also a project as Leopold 3, also inspired on the Kings House of Belgium. Songs like Freak Out, I See the Light and Lift U Up where released with success. They had songs to fill 2 albums: Tyfoon released in 1996 and Androgen released in 1998. All in the style of the great nineties dance music. When Zohra quit the group and began her own carreer the project was on hold. The leading artist Pat Krimson made some songs on his own and some together with Nunca. Than he switched Belgium for Ibiza and enjoyed life for 10 years without producing any record. When he returned to Belgium he picked up the 2 Fabiola project again, now with the leading singer Lorenda. It became an international success story...

Cooporations and changes of group members

The 2 Fabiola project where given new faces during the time.


In 1999 a new 2 Fabiola arrrived on the TMF-awards. Zohra was replaced by Evi Goffin, also know as Medusa. Their first single was New Years Day (a cover of U2). Afther the release, Summer in Space, she left the band and switched to Lasgo.

Katie Michaelson

In 2007 Pat Krimson introduced the Australian Katie Michaelson as the new face for the comeback of 2 Fabiola. Their single Straight to the Top wasn't a great success.

Viola and Loredana

Because of the great distance, coopration between Katie Michaelson and Pat Krimson was difficult and the cooporation was stopped. This time Pat Krimson choose for 2 lead singers: Viola Furleo and Saskia Duerinck (quickly replaced by Loredana Deamicis) for the 2 Fabiola project. In 2008 they made and anthem for 'I Love the 90's - The Party' called We Love the 90s at the Ethias Arena in Hasselst. Their real first single Blow Me Away was released at the end of 2008 with a little success.

2 Fabiola feat. Loredana

First his new releases didn't make him a fortune until in, 2014, he made a big comeback as 2 Fabiola feat. Loredana with the song 'She's After My Piano'. This song was one of the Belgian candidate songs for the Eurovision Song contest in 2014. It ended 2nd in the nominations. In the mean while Loredana made some solo tracks that where released on the album 2 Fabiola - Evolution.

2 Fabiola feat. DJ Positiv

In 2016 he made the song Taboo together with DJ Positiv.

Other corporations: 2 Fabiola feat. Katie Michaelson, 2 Fabiola feat. Nunca

Latest success

The latest song 'She's Afther My Piano' was made in cooperating with Loredana. It became one of the best international hits ever for Pat Krimson. In the mean while Loredana has released 2 solo singles and is working on her solo album.

2023 the end of 2 Fabiola

Pat Krimson announced, on the Belgian radio channel MNM, that the project 2 Fabiola will end in 2023. Normaly the end of 2 Fabiola was planned in 2020 but than corona came. Pat Krimson has to many work as DJ. So Loredana can build here own solo career.

Earlier in 2019, Pat Krimson did already an announcement that 2 Fabiola definitivly would stop in 2020 but corona give them a break. For this last year they will give the best of themselfs with touring, many performances and new music. For this last item they are searching for a new guitarist.






The Milkyway (Remixes)


Freak Out

I'm on Fire


2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - Mirror of Love (2 Fabiola Clubmix)

2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - Mirror of Love (2 Fabiola Radio Mix)

2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - There's a Key (2 Fabiola Radio Mix)

Paradisio - Bailando (2 Fabiola Remix)

Pat Krimson - Kinky (2 Fabiola Remix)

Pat Krimson - Tapas Chi-Chi (2 Fabiola Remix)


Feel the Vibe

Lift U Up 2009

Lift U Up

Magic Flight


A World for U and Me

Back to the Nineties

Bang to the Rhythm


Blow Me Away

Call My Name

Do You Remember

Doctor Disco

Don't Stop

Feel the Vibe



Freak Out

I Feel Like U

I See the Light

I'm on Fire

Kunta Kinte

Lift U Up 2009

Lift U Up

Magic Flight

My Attitude

New Years Day

Open Your Heart

Play This Song


Raise Your Hands

Release Your Soul

Show Me the Way

Sisters & Brothers

Stargate 5

The Afterparty

The Milkyway

Trippin on Air

Universal Love

We Love the 90s

Yes I Know