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Bentley Rhythm Ace



For Your Ears Only


A Lot of Stick (But Not Much Carrot)

Barry Normal Eyes

Bentley Gonna Sort You Out

Bentley's Gonna Sort U Out

Bentley's Gonna Sort You Out

Bentleys Gonna Sort You Out!

Busyness Mans Lunch

Do the Christmas Rush

Do Your Mints

Duckweb And Fishlip

How'd I Do Dat

How'd I Do Dat (Stanton Warriors Dub)

I Eat Skunk For Lunch

Jim'll Twist It

Kenny Beats (Part One)

Kenny Beats, Part 1

Late Train 2 Bentley on C

Madam Your Carriage Awaits

Man With the Golden Toast


Mind That Gap

On Her Majesty's Secret Whistle


Return of the Carbootechnodiscohardcore Jumble Roadshow

Return of the Hardcore Jumble Carbootechnodisco Roadshow

Ride Your Sleigh

Run on the Spot

Running on My Spot

Say Hello


Something to Keep Your Sandwiches In


Spy Who Loved Moose

Summer Song Blue

Summersong Blue

T Spot

This Is Carbootechnodiscotechnobooto

This Is Carbootechnoodiscotechnobooto


Wave Goodbye

Who Put the Bom in the Bom

Who Put the Bom in the Bom Bom Diddleye Bom



Bentley's Gonna Sort You Out / Run on the Spot [playlist 1] (playlist 1)

Bentley's Gonna Sort You Out [playlist 2] (playlist 2)

Do Your Mints???

How'd I Do Dat [playlist 1] (playlist 1)

How'd I Do Dat [playlist 2] (playlist 2)

How'd I Do Dat???

How'd I Do That???

Madam Your Carriage Awaits / Sugartown

Ride Your Sleigh…

Why Is a Frog Too..?

Why Is A Frog Too?

Why Is Frog?

Let There Be Flutes

Let There Be Toast

Midlander (There Can Only Be One...)

Theme From ‘Gutbuster'

Theme From Ghostbuster

Theme From Gutbuster

Theme From 'Gutbuster' [playlist 1] (playlist 1)

Theme From 'Gutbuster' [playlist 2] (playlist 2)

Two Turntables, a Power Cut and the DJ's Gone Off!!!

Theme From "Gutbuster"

How'd I Do Dat (Stanton Warriors Breakin' The Law Mix) (Edit)

The Man With the Golden Toast

The Spy Who Loved Moose

Two Turntables_ A Powercut And The DJ's Gone Off

Who Put The Bom In Bom Bom Diddleye Bom

Who Put The Bom In The Bom Bom Diddley Bom