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Pat Krimson

Genre: Electronic

Style: House, Dance, Eurodance

Member(s): Parick Claesen

Label(s): Atmoz, Antler-Subway Records

Country: Belgium


Pat Krimson (real name is Patrick Claesen), is a famous Belgian musician, DJ, and producer. He was born on April 17, 1965, in Hasselt, Belgium. Pat Krimson is known for his contributions to the Belgian dance and electronic music scene.
In the 1990s, Pat Krimson gained recognition as a member of the dance music group 2 Fabiola. The group was formed in 1991 and achieved significant success with their energetic dance tracks. Some of their popular songs include "Lift U Up," "Freak Out," and "Magic Flight."
As a solo artist, Pat Krimson has also released music under his own name. He has collaborated with various artists and has produced and remixed tracks for other musicians as well. Throughout his career, he has been associated with genres such as Eurodance, trance, and techno.
Pat Krimson continues to be an active figure in the Belgian music scene, performing at festivals and clubs. He has remained influential in the dance music industry and has contributed to the development and popularity of electronic music in Belgium.

Together with his wive Loredana he made some monsterhits. He's also the founder of the Atmoz label and the owner of the Atmoz discotheque in Hasselt (Belgium).


The ninties was the period of experimenting with new styles in electronic music. First he joined the Belgian band Leopold 3 (called after the Belgian King Leopold III). In this band he played the keyboard. Afther some releases they made big success in Belgium with Dutch spoken songs like Zomernacht and 4 full albums followed, all with dutch verses. But Pat Krimson wanted more...
Beside Leopold 3 heb began the make his own songs with english verses. After making some releases he desided to call some help to produce new tracks, so Olivier Adams came to work with him, first as Adams & Krimson. But soon they knew they needed a better name for this project and so, in 1991, 2 Fabiola was born. Now they needed a dancer on the stage. First they had Fabio that stayed until after the songs Magic Flight was a succes, after a while Zohra was on the scene. In 1994 together with Zohra they made the monsterhits Lift U Up, it first became famous in Spain and Italy and after that over the whole world. It's a public secret that Zohra didn't sing the song texts but Karen Boelaert did, who also did the singles of Milk Inc. New success followed with the songs I'm on Fire, Freak Out, Magic Flight, Flashback, Sisters & Brothers and Feel the Vibe. In the mean while Zohra and Pat Krimson made some solo-tracks.

New cooporations

Beside his solo tracks, he worked together with a lot of new artists. New project came on the scene and old project where given new faces.

2 Fabiola feat. Medusa

Nunca feat. Pat Krimson


He needed a break after everything went faster than a bullet train. He moved to Ibiza to live their, for aproxiamatly 10 years, and enjoying life.

Second career in Belgium

After 10 years living on Ibiza he went back to Belgium, more specifically Zonhoven, to produce some new songs.

Katie Michaelson

In 2007 Pat Krimson introduced the Australian Katie Michaelson as the new face for the comeback of 2 Fabiola. Their single Straight to the Top wasn't a great success.

Viola and Loredana

Because of the great distance, coopration between Katie Michaelson and Pat Krimson was difficult and the cooporation was stopped. This time Pat Krimson choose for 2 lead singers: Viola Furleo and Saskia Duerinck (quickly replaced by Loredana Deamicis) for the 2 Fabiola project. In 2008 they made and anthem for 'I Love the 90's - The Party' called We Love the 90s at the Ethias Arena in Hasselst. Their real first single Blow Me Away was released at the end of 2008 with a little success.

2 Fabiola feat. Loredana

First his new releases didn't make him a fortune until in, 2014, he made a big comeback as 2 Fabiola feat. Loredana with the song 'She's After My Piano'. This song was one of the Belgian candidate songs for the Eurovision Song contest in 2014. It ended 2nd in the nominations. In the mean while Loredana made some solo tracks that where released on the album 2 Fabiola - Evolution.

2 Fabiola feat. DJ Positiv

In 2016 he made the song Taboo together with DJ Positiv.


Patrick has a relationship with the 2 Fabiola singer Loredana since 2015. Professionally they work together from 2008. Though there is a big age difference of 21 years between them, this has never been an issue. Before Patrick met Loredana he was together with Jolijn. The relationship didn't stand long but Jolijn and Patrick do have a daughter called Troy. Before that Patrick was in a relationship with Ann Vervoort and ex-singer of Milk Inc. a production by Regi, the other Belgian King of Dance. Ann died in the night of 22 April 2010 at the age of 33.

2 Kings on the throne of the Belgian Dance Scene

Pat krimson and Regi know each other a while back from the early 90's. Their has always been a small clash between the two DJ's and producers but in a funny way. From 1995 until 2000, Pat Krimson ruled the Belgian Dance Scene with his solo project and 2 Fabiola.

After he moved to Ibiza, Regi took over the throne in the Belgian dance world with his project as Milk Inc. and his solo project as Regi. The media often exaggerate the clash between these 2 deejays. In fact Regi and Patrick do not have any dispute. In the early days they even worked together.

2023 the end of 2 Fabiola

Pat Krimson announced, on the Belgian radio channel MNM, that the project 2 Fabiola will end in 2013. Normaly the end of 2 Fabiola was planned in 2020 but than corona came. The reason for this ending is that Pat has to many work as DJ and also his body is coming to an end. He often gets in bed with a painkiller

Official website: patkrimson.be


The Milky Way


Biomecanics - Move Me (Pat Krimson Remix)

Fiocco - Spread the Word Around (Pat Krimson Remix)

Milk Inc. - Oceans (Pat Krimson Remix)

Nunca - Hypnotize (Pat Krimson Club Mix)

The Nunca Brothers - Joy (The Night Goes on and On) (Pat Krimson Mix)


Angel of Dreams





Belgium Davai (Who Are You)

Break Away

Cowboys - Uit Liefde Voor Muziek

Es Cubells

Feel It

Guri Guri

Haldis een Pintje

I Know


Las Vegas

My Playground

Paranoid in Moscow

Piano Latino


Pump It Up, Megamix

Skyward - Uit Liefde Voor Muziek


Taboo Bells

Tapas Chi-Chi

Voodoo Queen

When the lights go down - Uit Liefde Voor Muziek

Your Destination

Do You Know?