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Three Drives on a Vinyl

Genre: Electronic

Style: Trance, Progressive Trance, Dance, House, Groove

Member(s): Erik de Koning, Ton van Empel

Label(s): Massive Drive Recordings

Country: The Netherlands

Three Drives on a Vinyl, also known as Three Drives, is a Dutch progressive trance duo founded by Erik de Koning (also known as DJ Enrico) and Ton van Empel (also known as DJ Ton T.B.). In June 2014, van Empel left the group and the formation stoped producing songs. Their best known tracks are 'Greece 2000', first released in 1997 and 'Sunset on Ibiza'. The groupname Three Drives on a Vinyl (or 3 Drives on a Vinyl) came from the fact that both DJ's worked with 3 turntables instead of 2. After a while they chages the groupname to Three Drives.




Critical Mass - Your Eyes (3 Drives on a Vinyl Remix)

D.I.D. - Infinity (Three Drives on a Vinyl Remix)

D-Vision - Funky (3 Drives on a Vinyl Remix)

Lost Lynx - Seasons (Three Drives Remix)

Saucermen - Aquarius (3 Drives on a Vinyl Remix)

Sidewinder - Mindsensations (Three Drives on a Vinyl Remix)

Systematic Parts - Violin de la nuit (Three Drives on a Vinyl Remix)


Air Traffic

Automatic City

B - Sure


Carrera 2

Europa 2000


France 2000

Germany 2000

Greece 200

Greece 2000

Greece 2000 - Letting You Go

Greece 2001

Greece 2009 (Letting You Go)

Israel 2000

Italy 2000

Not - Overdrive

Piano Freq

Signs from the Universe

Sunset on Ibiza



Turkey 2000

UK 2000

USA 2000

The Oman