Genre: Electronic

Style: House, Trance, Dance

Member(s): Tijs Michiel Verwest

Label(s): Spinnin' Records, Universal Music

Distributor(s): Spinnin' Records, Warner Music

Country: The Netherlands

Tiësto is an electronic music producer and DJ since the beginning of the trance scene. He released many trance songs and mixed trance compilations. DJ Tiësto has been elected for several times as the best DJ in the world. He's active as DJ and producer from 1994 until today. His love for being a DJ came from student party's (from 1984 until 1992) where he mixed old disco songs. In 1988, at the age of 19, he was present in the Spok discotheque in Breda, 3 evening in the week. Later on he worked in a music store. Also in that early period he made tapes with own DJ work and send them to famous DJ's, clubs and organizations. It wasn't a big success. In the early 90's he wanted to produce songs but he saw that he hasn't the ability to make successful releases even with samples and computer programs he bought. But by working together with other DJ's, in 1995, he released his first mixed compilation 'Forbidden Paradise 3'. At that point his DJ career was started. In 1997, together with Arny Bink, he started his own label 'Black Hole Records'. On that label Tiësto released his series of mixed compilationsFerry Corsten, Cosmic Gate, Johan Gielen and Armin van Buuren. Also the mixed trance series 'In Trance We Trust' was an idea of Tiësto. 1999 was his big breakthrough by a performance at Innercity. In the US he debuted with his album Summerbreeze, including the 'Tiësto Remix' of 'Silence' by Delerium that made him famous by the masses. In 2002 he was awarded as the best Club-DJ in the World, by DanceStar. Also that year he was the best DJ out of the best 100 DJ's organized by the British DJ Mag. The same story in 2003 and 2003. Also in 2003 he won the TMF Award for best National Dance-act and Best National DJ.
Name variations: DJ Tiësto, DJ Tiesto, Tiesto, DJ Tïesto, Tïesto.